I found my inner void exposed. Something that I had kept hidden now surrounded me. How this had happened I could not explain. So unreal was what I saw that I could not speak out of a wretched awe and horror. My sickness and depravity was played out before my eyes.

The violent outburst I dreamt of unleashing on my boss a week ago was now alive with all the malice and venom that I had hoped. The demise of the trucker that had cut me off in traffic that morning was ruined in a glorious array of flaming yellow and red.

All of my evil paraded around me in a loop.

The blackness overwhelmed me, revealing the man that I truly was. As the show went on, I stood beside myself. I wondered if the people in my life saw this? Was my unrighteousness this transparent, or is it all locked away behind the windows of my soul?

I would have shuddered at the thought, had this been limited to my inner being. Instead my reality erupted with maniacal laughter, each sick fantasy pausing to join in.

Woe is me, I cried.

All this because I walked through a mirror.


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