It was forbidden, but so funny.

Both Andy and Sandy knew the rule, “No dating within the family.” The circus and their archaic language, they thought. Just because we all work under the same big tent, it doesn’t mean that we are family. It doesn’t that we have some familial ties that bind us, that we can’t be in romantic relationships.

For Andy and Sandy, they could look beyond the red and white stripes of the Big Top and see the real world. A world that did not attack them for wanting something different, something new, something that hadn’t been the norm for three generations.

But at the same time, they didn’t want to leave the circus. They loved it there, and it was there that their love had flourished. It was there that they enjoyed the forbidden-ness of their love. The quick and smoldering glances as they passed one another between acts. The electrifying graze of hands they shared as Andy passed the dinner rolls around the table at supper. The “working on our new act” that lead to hours of romance and passionate love. It was the stuff of fairy tales, happily ever after endings. It was forbidden, and so wonderful at the same time.