I confess. I did it.I’m the one that you were looking for. I’m the one that you want, guilty as charged.
I’ll tell you how it happened.

It was October 3, 1989. The fall breeze cut deep as I walked down that poorly lit alley. Though I was bundled up in my winter coat, it did nothing to protect me from the unforgiving wind. It whistled and whined, creating in me a more agitated spirit. I didn’t want to be out, not after the day that I had just had.

A wife that screamed at me for not being around to help with the twins, a boss that was ungrateful for the extra hours I put in. A thieving mechanic that said I needed a new piece to the already expensive thing that he had installed into my clunker of an automobile.

Annoyed, neglected, poor, and now cold. That was how I was feeling when it happened.

If my head had been in a different place,…I probably wouldn’t be here. But that’s not the case.
I saw him get thrown out of a backdoor of a restaurant or a nightclub. That was when it happened. I shot him.