Even without legs, she stood proudly.

For her, the presence or absence of legs were not what made her beautiful. She hadn’t entered the pageant because of her legs, and she most certainly wasn’t going to be thrown out because of them either. They weren’t the smooth and tan like they once were, but the transparent polymer resin and accents of titanium alloy complimented her dress in a way no other limbs could.

 It hadn’t been an easy two years, far from it. Since The Incident, Sarah had spend many days crying into a pillow, and more nights screaming in agonizing pain. She faced abandonment from her best friend. She was ostracized by her all the girls in her ballet class. She had to deal with the mockery of the high school football team.

Before her prosthetics were made, she didn’t have the chance to walk away. She had to push herself along in a hand-me-down wheelchair, which only added to the number of insults hurled. But not today. After today things are going to be different, Sarah thought.

Little did she know, that as she stood on that pageant stage, her life would take another unfortunate turn.