I need books and Raman noodles.

They are at the top of my list, the most haves, the college essentials. Without them, my higher education experience will be incomplete. I can’t think of one movie or one T.V. show that depicts college life without them.

These books and noodles are so important. My books will become the closest friends I have, sharing their knowledge and wisdom with me. Without reservation, without demand anything from me, except to listen. Regardless of the hour, regardless of my emotional state, they will be there.

When I am tired, they will provide a secure place to lay my head. When I need a place to stack things, my books will be a shelf for all the clutter and garbage that any college boy could possibly collect.

And chances are that most of that garbage will be old cups of Raman noodles. The main staple for any college kid, it is quick to prepare without the use of a hot plate or stove. The different flavour packets will keep me from being bored of the rubbery noodles.

Oh, to have books and Raman noodles. If only I had an acceptance letter as well.