“Pills, herbs, nothing helps,” he cried.

“Is there no release for me, no salvation from this hell I am in?”

The once strong and able man lay curled up like a baby, tearing pouring out in anguish. It had been nearly 56 hours since he had last slept. He was starting to hallucinate. The white rabbits that were invading his fridge were giving him flack for not having enough carrots. His living room had been over run by dogs smoking cigars and playing poker. There were gold fish in his toilet that were singing ‘Greased Lightening’.

Nothing that Mark tried had worked. He had seen every sleep specialist in town, even shelled out for a world renowned sleep doctor to come see him. But it was not good. His eyes refused to close. His mind did not stop processing and producing this crazed visions around him. All he could do now was weep and pray that by some miracle he would fall asleep.

“Hey Mark! Are you going to do something about the dogs?”

Mark rolled from his watery cocoon to see who was calling him. It wasn’t his roommate, he’d moved out. No, it was the polar bear from the basement.