She assassinated politicians, he was NYPD.

It was one of those forbidden romances that would never last, and Agatha knew it. Her commanding officer had even said as much in her briefing meeting that morning.

” Agent A, what is this I hear about you cavorting with a member of the New York Police? You do understand why that would be bad for your cover and the entirety of our operation.”

“Yes, Commander. I understand, but Colin…”

“No buts, Agent A. I do not want to hear another word about this man. I want him taken care of. Is that understood?”

When Commander had said that, Agatha’s dream world collapsed. It was a pipe dream, something that didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of working out, but still she hoped. Colin Wentworth was a good man, a stand up officer, and a fantastic lover, especially on those cold New York winters nights. But those nights spend together would now be distant memories. The kill order had been issued, and it had to be followed. Though it wasn’t her usual, Agatha had a plan to take care of both her targets, Colin and the distinguished mayor of The Big Apple.


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