No one showed up.

Daniel had been planning this for months. He had choreographed the whole thing himself, and suddenly he was alone. He was standing in the town square alone. Not one person that said they would be there to take part in his flash mob showed.

A wave of despair crashed over him. Of course they wouldn’t show, this was just another opportunity to make Daniel look like a fool. All his friends had mocked his idea at first, but eventually came around to supporting him whole heartedly. All the months of practicing and rearranging schedules to make this work out now proved to be a waste of time.

A flicker of hope was all Daniel needed. Maybe he was really early and everyone was running late. But with a glance at his watch, he knew otherwise. When you’re 2 hours late, you aren’t coming. Any hope that remained was now extinguished.

Daniel stood in the town square, as the business men and women rushed to and fro. They didn’t have time for Daniel. They didn’t have time for his failed flash mob. They didn’t have time for anything involving him. Just like his friends.

No one showed up for him.