Work, bills; now, jury duty. Could this day get any more stressful, she wondered. It had been a day of one thing after another, as if someone had scripted the worst day ever, and she was acting it out.

It started with the alarm clock. Jasmine had gotten a new one the night before, one that detects your sleep patterns and movements in the night. The problem was, unlike her old clock, this fancy new one ran on electricity. The whole night was one long thunder and lightening storm. It cut out the power more than once, but she never noticed.

A reset alarm clock meant no alarm was set. This lead to Jasmine being late for work, that was only made worse by the traffic. Some poor soul had smashed into the guardrail and caused a 4 car pile up on the freeway.
At least my day isn’t that bad, she remarked. But it wasn’t going to be that much better.

Being late to work meant that she missed the morning conference call, which meant that she missed her one opportunity to talk to the corporate investors about the idea she had for streamlining production.

The day continued with troubles mounting along the way.