He ate fries without gravy.

It was the strangest thing, especially for a Canadian. From the birthplace of poutine came a man that preferred not to have anything covering his sliced and fried potatoes. Or his mashed potatoes. That may even be stranger than the first, depending on who you ask.

It wasn’t that he enjoyed bland food. He was the first to ask for the pepper and salt for anything. But when it came to foods made from potatoes, he enjoyed the lack of condiments.

His wife was the complete opposite. Gravy flowed over the fries and potatoes at every opportunity. If a potato could be covered with sour cream, bacon bites or cloves, she would do it. But not this man. In his baked potato was butter and some sea salt.

He wasn’t just the anomaly in his marriage, he was also the strange one in his family. All five of the boys in his family, including both his parents, loved their potatoes. Everyone was raised with potatoes as a staple in every supper meal. It wasn’t that this man was raised without all the fixings made available. They were, but they never appealed to him. He like potatoes without gravy.