Your mission, should you choose to….

That was what came to mind when Jayne thought about secret messages. Spies, international travel, bad guys, crazy inventions, basically James Bond in real life. But what Jayne had found was something else. It lacked the slickness of any British secret servicemen. This was much more heartfelt and gut wrenching.

My daughter has been..please help…

Jayne couldn’t make out the whole message. That was part of the problem with messages found in bottles on the beach. Water is eventually going to get inside and ruin the note, regardless of what you use to close off the hole. But what little was there did not sound good. Someone’s daughter was…in danger, in peril? Had she been stolen, kidnapped, sold?

The ocean water had done just enough damage that Jayne was stuck without a clue.

Her eye glanced back to the note. My daughter. That phrase was a slap in the face for this grieving mother. Jayne’s daughter, Lily, had passed away only 3 months before. Cancer, quick and quietly. All of her emotions about that lost little flower were raw.

Tearfully, she reread the note. Maybe it said “My daughter has been lost…”