At 93, she decided to parasail.

She didn’t have a clue how to do it, but she was determined to try. Having received a less than positive sounding voicemail message from her oncologist, Martha decided that it was time for action. Weeks and months had been wasting in waiting rooms and exam rooms. Long days and unending nights were spending in the frivolous pursuit of an answer to why and how this happened to her.

But something inside her spirit snapped when she heard her doctor say, “Just give me a call as soon as you can, Martha.” There was no hope in his words. There was no life in the inflections of his voice, and that seemed to ring true of what lay ahead for Martha. But that wasn’t going to be her fate. Somewhere deep inside of her being, a courage rose up and said, “No”.

That voice of defiance did not stay quiet. After listening to the voicemail, Martha decided to lay down on her bed. Though she purposed to sleep and avoid the reality of her illness, inside she was crying out, “No.” It got louder and louder, more and more convincing.

Then it strapped her feet into some skis and threw a parachute on her back.