“I’ll give them all acne. And not the small little black heads that can easily be covered up by make up. No, what I’m going to unleash on the world what may be the most evil and loathsome of all zits.”

“No, Master, you can’t do that,” squeaked the evil dermatologist’s assistant. “You wouldn’t make our patients suffer this horror, would you?”

Dr. McMaster peered over his shoulder. His crooked smile made him feel like the dark hearted villain he wished to be.

“Oh, my dear Abigail. I wouldn’t unleash it on our clients.”

Though she was momentarily relieved, McMaster turned and declared in his slithering voice.

“I’m going to unleash it on the entire world.”

Abigail gasped, partially from shock at her employer’s evil plot, but also that his ego had grown to think that he was capable of bringing about a global epidemic. She stumbled back, as McMaster moved into to impose and reveal his diabolical plot.

“I will cover the faces of everyone,” he stated, “man, women and child with the most hideous, the most deforming bluehead zits!”

With that, Abigail knew that McMaster had gone to far. She had followed him on his mad experiments before, but this was too much.