Jenny hated living in Alberta.Everything was expensive. It wasn’t that she had expensive tastes that had to be satisfied, but everything seemed to cost just a little bit extra because she lived in oil country. The assumption being that if you lived in oil country, you had money to spare.

For Jenny, what little money she did have, she could not spare. She had jokingly thought about sitting on the street corner and begging. She might make more doing that on the busy downtown streets than going to a thankless job all day.

But she was working in the field that she wanted to be in, whether the job was what she wanted or not. She was going to take what she could get. As she rounded the corner, heading to the ABM, she hoped that there would be enough money in her account for a late night snack.

Rent had gone up again, so she was running out to get the amount she was short. A gracious move by her landlord, really, but it still hurt Jenny’s dwindling account balance.

She put in her bank card, punched in her password and held her breath.

Account balance: $1,000,032.87

It was at that point, Jenny passed out.