“She’s on fire!’

“Oh, that’s normal.”

I stopped in my tracks. Normal? This woman was on fire, running around in circles. And somehow that was normal? My confused expression must have made my thoughts abundantly clear, so my top hat wearing friend elaborated.

“This is all part of her act. It’s what she does.”

My brows furrowed at his explanation. “What?” I exclaimed

“You know, her act. Her act.”

I had now moved from being concerned to annoyed.

“How has Veronica not told you about her act? Oh well. This is what she does in the show. It’s sort of a magic trick, mixed with a bit of dark, accidental, slapstick humor. She tries to fill up the funny car with gas, spilling some on herself. The lead dwarf then throws his lit cigar onto the ground around her. And WHOOF!”

I was like a slideshow a expression. Concerned, annoyed, now baffled.

“She starts running and screaming when the grizzly bear rushes in. He belly flops on Veronica. Then there is a dramatic pause, the smoke clears. And Veronica appears on the top of the tent.”

I was still baffled, “But why is she practicing in my living room?”