There was no love in sight.

Garfield slumped back into his office chair. There is no one to love. No one to love me, he thought. I am going to die an old, lonely ophthalmologist.

He leaned over his desk to grab his glasses. Adjusting them on his round nose, everything came into focus. His secretary was outside, answering questions for someone on the phone. She was cute, but recently engaged. He didn’t hire her to date her. But there was that fleeting hope that maybe one of the three secretaries that he hired that year would at the very least glance in his direction.

But no, they all had gotten engaged, married, and moved on to new and different things. They didn’t want to stick around here. Garfield slumped even further in his chair.

It’s because I’m an unlovable soul, I bet. They may not have found me attractive, but I bet I have the smell of a loveless loser all over me.

His head sunk as he tried to hold back the tears. He knew he was beating himself up, but he didn’t know what else to do, what else to think.

There was no love in sight.