“Hello. I’m Brian Broxton, and this is 6 o’clock news.

“For many years, science has taught us that, in the dark, vastness of space, there is something called ‘antimatter’. Thought they were unable to understand it or quantify it, that seems to no longer be the case.

“The brilliant team of scientists from the Alva Tesla Space Corporation made a startling break through earlier in the week.

“Antimatter is now a quantifiable substance. They have discovered that antimatter is, put simply, the result of death and decay in the universe.

“Doctor Van Rubin, head of the research team said this.

‘We have discovered that all dead life, plants, animals, people, have been simply been decaying and returning to dust. Rather upon their death, and throughout the decay process, their matter has been transferred through quantum tunneling into what we called ‘antimatter’.

“With this new discovery, many new questions have been raised. If we are transported to this antimatter space upon our deaths, are we then living there? Is this what the ancient civilizations once called ‘heaven’? Will we one day reach this space of antimatter? What will we discover when we do?”

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