They were the most adorable invading force the Earth had ever seen.

Throughout the eons, Earth had seen numerous conquerors, from Attila the Hun right to the days of elected dictators. Regardless of the time, humanity wondered about alien life. They postulated that it was out there somewhere amongst the stars. And with that came a question, if aliens landed here, would they friends or foes?

In the 22nd century, humanity made first contact with an alien species. Though the scientific community was overwhelmed with gladness at this news, the rest of humanity still pondered the nature of these visitors.

Their first craft appeared and landed in Roswell, New Mexico. The historical sight of a supposed alien crash seemed fitted for such an occasion. Upon landing, the dust cleared and a door opened.

Upon our first glance at the other intelligent life form in the galaxy, humanity laughed. We expected little green men, but what came out of that craft was something else.

They were fur balls, basketball sized balls of orange and white fur.
As selected government officials stepped closer, the balls of fur began to levitate a few inches off the ground. Then came two words, “Must eat.”