She never spoke. She never made a sound, but the look in her eyes told me exactly what was going to happen.

They were going to kill us. The cyborg gorillas that had overrun the city were going to crush our skulls between their hands and devour our bodies. This was going to be the end. Kayla could see it. She was so overcome with fear, her jaw locked, rendering her speechless.

There would have been screams for help, if she could have. No one would hear her though. All of our help lay before us. Corpses still clutching their weapons was all that remained of our rebel battalion.

If she could have said anything, it would have been pleas of mercy. Not just for herself, or even for me. She would plea for the children.

While the gorillas were adamant that all adults be rounded up and destroyed for their insolence, they were more dogged in their pursuit of the children. What they wanted the children for no one knew.

Suddenly, a gorilla stood over me with a great sword in hand.

Oh, to undo the scientific work that gave that first gorilla the ability to think deep thoughts.