Tom and Jeffery were laying on the top of the hill, staring at the clouds.

“What do they look like today?”

“Well,” said Tom, “let’s see. Right in front of your face, right on top of you, is a giant fluff ball of a cloud. It’s a marshmallow that is exploding out the right side, like a bullet pierced it.

“To the left a little bit, there is an animal, but no ordinary animal. It has the ears of an elephant, but it has no trunk. It’s got the face of a dog, but it looks like its breathing fire like a dragon.”

Tom continued to regale Jeffery with the wonders of the sky, describing the best he could the ever changing skyscape. If a passerby saw this, he would think that they were crazy. Especially since one of the boys was blind.

That was why Tom was there. Jeffery would lay on his back, gazing up at the heavens in which he could not partake, while Tom tried to paint the picture for Jeffery’s mind. Blindness was not something Jeffery suffered with from birth. Cancer took his sight. This was Tom’s way of helping Jeffery escape the pain that haunted him.