There are two types of jobs: those you shower before and those you shower after. I’ve worked in white collar jobs where personal hygiene demanded constant upkeep. How one presented themselves has an impact on how well you did in sales.

I’ve worked blue collar jobs too. The smell of oil and gas cling to your body long after you have left the shop. Whether you showered that morning or not, you’d be scrubbing at night so that your spouse will let you into bed.

But I got a new job, one that has created a third category. I have a job that doesn’t require any showering. The job takes care of all my personal hygiene for me.

The global tech giant, The Tyrell Cooperation, has developed a fascinating new nanotechnology. They inject a small tube of nanobots under the first few layers of skin. Then the micro robots go to work cleaning your skin. It is in the trial stage now, but it has been amazing being a part of this. Not only do I not have to waste time with showering, but soon I won’t even have to brush my teeth or clean my ears. I love my job.