The gray clouds enveloped me as I made my way down to the subway. It was supposed to be a gorgeous day, with blue skies and sunshine. But as the rain fell down, my positive attitude washed away.

I found my seat in the ‘red’ subway. What a stupid decision the city had made, changing the subway stops from names like Midwest Terminal to The Orange Terminal. It was all part of the green mayor’s attempt to seem progressive and young. She was trying incorporate the simplicity of colours into the complex nature of subways so that new comers to the city could make their way around. A golden idea, but unbelievably naive.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but adding the colours was making everything confusing. City workers were trying to make the transition easy by colour coding the old stations as part of the transition. City Centre was now blindingly yellow. And if the construction and detours wasn’t bad enough, it got worse. The Town Square Station was supposed to be purple. There was a mix up and it’s now a sorbet swirl of white and magenta.

This colourful adventure was not going to make my day any brighter.


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