17. The alarm clock sounded, telling me that the night was gone and the day was now here.

16. I felt like writing something this morning but I didn’t have a clue as to what.

15. I was looking for something to spark my creativity, when I stumbled upon a subReddit.

14. Not a user of Reddit, I bumbled my way around until something finally sparked.

13. A long list of writing prompts lay before me, ripe for the plucking.

12. I began to sift through the superhero and alien suggestions for anything.

11. I’d written superhero stories, and didn’t feel like writing alien dialogue.

10. There is only so much that you can write about.

09. I continued looking for something unique to help me.

08. “Write a story, each sentence one word shorter.”

07. I had found the perfect writing prompt.

06. Wow, I thought, this is tough.

05. I don’t think I’ll finish.

04. Wow, I’m almost there.

03. I did it.

02. I’m done.

01. Finished.