The sun rose in the west.

For you, it has always been this way, but this is a recent thing in the history of our universe. You were born under the Western Sun, as they call it. You have no idea how this one cosmic event has changed our world.

It was a day like any other. Humanity woke up with the Eastern Sun, went about our business of life, and went to sleep. But that day the sun didn’t continue around the Earth. Not that the Sun rotates around us. The Sun was shining over the Pacific Ocean, night was settling over the Western USA and the rising sun was beginning to appear for all of Asia.

Then the Earth stopped.

You would think there would have been a catastrophic jolt on the Earth, some kind of repercussion to an immediate stop of a planet spinning thousands of miles an hour. Nothing. We didn’t notice. The Earth stopped and began spinning at the same velocity, but in the other direction.

It took a little bit for us to realize what was happening. But how quickly the changes began to show us how this event was going to reshape everything.