“Dr. Jones, tell us about your most recent discovery.”

Indiana Jones continued to look into the darkness, just beyond the spot light. How could this be? What did this mean?

“Dr. Jones! We are waiting.”

He didn’t move his head, but his eyes, filled with hatred and indignation, glanced towards the voice.

“Fine. You want to know what I found. I’ll tell you. We found a cup.”

“But you already found the Cup of Christ. Supposedly. And then it was presumed lost. Did you rediscover it?”

Dr. Jones smirked, and let out a small chuckle. He couldn’t see his captures but he was fairly certain that he knew who it was. Things hadn’t changed that much since World War II. They didn’t answer to the Fuhrer anymore, but their mission was still the same.

“How well do you know the Greek myths?” he asked the darkness.

“Dr. Jones, you are not here to assess our knowledge of ancient fairytales”.

“Then you aren’t going to understand what I found. Because it was far more than a cup. It is more than a cup,” Indiana interrupted with great irritation. Again, these guys were going after something that they had no knowledge of.