It wasn’t that long ago that humanity was fascinated with the prospect of meeting aliens. Strange worlds and fantastic new technologies would suddenly propel us into a new age. We all dreamt about it, thought about it. We put it into our movies, our story books. There were religions that focused and centered on the idea of aliens coming to Earth. We wondered if they would be friends or foes. We wondered and wondered, but we never expected this.

The aliens came with news of strange worlds and fantastic technology. And then the politicians spoke. If humanity loathed the bureaucratic red tape before, things were about to get worse. And they are progressively getting worse. Every day, every newscast is a tide wave of political stories.

“US President Hillary Clinton curses the Alien High Priest. More on that story at 11.”

“The Galactic Council representative from Syria accidentally splashed water on the representative from Mercona Nebula. This was seen as an act of war.”

“The Prime Minister of Britain announced it will be another 4 months of negotiations with the Aliens before there are any decisions on trading technological information.”

Aliens came, but nothing changed. Politics kept screwing up everything.