“Hello, my name is Daniel. How can I help you?”

“Hello, yes, Daniel. It’s the Doctor.”

“Doctor Who?”

“Exactly. Now, I’m having some trouble with my TARDIS.”

“What model of TARDIS would that be Mr. Doctor?”

“It’s just the Doctor. TT Type 40, Mark 3.” “That’s a rare one. Where did you find that?”

“I borrowed it. Look, I’m in a jam. Can you help me?”

“Sir, I can’t help you if you aren’t the original owner of the Time Machine.”

“I am the original owner! Can you help?”

“Alright, I’m going to have to start by asking you some security questions.”

“Daniel, there isn’t time for that. The TARDIS is leaking artron energy!”

“What was your mother’s maiden name?”

“What good is a Time Machine Tech Line if you can’t actually help me with my tech?”

“Mr. Doctor, there is not need for shouting. I am trying to assist you.”

“You aren’t assisting very well. Now, what can I do to stop the leaking artron energy?”

“Fine. Where is it leaking from?”

“Umm. It looks like it is leaking from the trachoid time crystal.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Sir.”

“You’re tell me. Why do you think I called you?”


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