“Time for New Year’s Resolutions,” she said. “This is the year that I actually get stuff done. I am actually going to do something with my life.”

But what?

She slumped onto her bed.

Everyone was all about their Resolutions, but she hadn’t thought about it. All she wanted was for her life to matter. She just didn’t know how to make that happen. She had no real interests, nothing that she could pursue. Her job was going nowhere.

Most everyone’s resolutions were about their hobbies and interests, or their jobs. Invest more, get better at, but that wasn’t going to work for her.

Her proclamation now seemed empty.

But I don’t want my  life to be so dead. I want it to be full of…

She laughed to herself. Saying she wanted a life full of life sounded ridiculous. But that was what she wanted. A life full of adventure, discovery, and mistakes. A life full of ‘let’s try this’ and “oh, I’ve never done that before’ moments.

A hopeful smile slowly inched its way across her face. She wasn’t sure that it would look like, her life of life, but she wanted to go try to find it.