“The next question is for Mr. Lucas, and after his answer, you may respond Mr. O’Leary.
“Mr. Lucas, as a man with superhuman strength and skin that cannot be pierced or damaged, how do plan on dealing with threats of terror on our soil? For example, the issue facing Boston, The Fist of English Justice.

“Thank you, Mrs. Dupont. That is a very good question and one that I have thought long and hard about. As an American citizen first, it would be my job as President to ensure that all of us are safe. No one should be fearful of what happens in their home. As President, I would not let fear mongering prevail in our home.
“As a powered individual, I would use my strength and invulnerability as a symbol for the people being effected by terrorism to rally around. I would become a symbol of stability and hope, just as the Presidential Seal is a seal of strength and authority. Those that participate in terrorist activities will know full well where I stand, and who I am standing up for.”

“Mr. O’Leary, your response to what Mr. Lucas has just said. And how would you, as a man with unique vision powers, deal with the same terrorist threats on American soil?”

“I would like to start by addressing something that my fellow candidate just mentioned. A symbol, something that carries meaning, something that transcends itself. The ideas of hope, strength, stability and authority; these are all great and powerful things. And I would be a fool to disagree with Mr. Lucas on that. America needs symbols. That is why the Great Eagle has endured for the thousand years that our nation has been around.
“But a symbol will not stop an RPG from destroying your home. The stray bullets of a madman’s AK-51 machine gun will not be made to no effect by a hope, or the idea of a stability. What America needs is not another symbol. What America needs is action. What the American people needs, to keep terrorists from putting boots on our land, and walking into our homes, is action. As your President, as your Commander and Chief, I would take action. I would not be sending your young men and women to deal with a threat on our nation, but I would go. With the gifts that I have been given, thermal vision, microscopic/telescopic vision, and heated/laser vision, I can effectively and efficiently deter and eliminate any threat of terror on our nation.
“This is something that my opponent cannot offer you with his gifts, and with his style of leadership.”

“Mr. O’Leary! That is quite enough. There is no need to demean Mr. Lucas in this arena. You will remember to show the upmost courtesy to him in the future.”

“My apologizes, Mrs. Dupont.”

“Moving on then. The next question was for Mr. O’Leary, but I think we will give you the opportunity to speak first, Mr. Lucas. In a world that is clamoring for the chanced to be “powered”, what do you have to say to America’s youth?”

“Many people today see the opportunity to be a “powered” individual, as you said, as an evolutionary progression. The strong receive one of thousands of unique abilities, while those that do not inherit this gift are considered to be the weak.
“I would caution America against such an attitude about powered people. While there are no clear reasons why some are chosen and other not, this is what we do know. With great power does come a greater responsibility. Having super strength or heightened eyesight does not mean that you have earned the right to stand over those that don’t. You have no reason to lord over those that are called “normies”. Any American, powered or not, has equal reason to stand tall, head up, and proud because you belong to a nation that is still the greatest nation of them all.”

“I’m Mrs. Dupont, but I have to say something now.”

“Go ahead, Mr. O’Leary.”

“While Mr. Lucas is going to through the American flag in front of all our faces, and bind us together as brothers and sisters citing the Pledge of Allegiance, he is missing something fundamental to American history and ecology. America was founded on the backs of hard working people. Innovation and discovery, this is what America is all about. Children that are not born with extraordinary gifts shouldn’t be left to want. Don’t reduce the greatness of America to mere chance. As President, I would not stand idly by and watch our youth struggle to survive and succeed in a world with greatness offered on some evolutionary basis. I would see to it that millions of dollars would go into unlocking the genetic markers that enable people to have gifts, and making a way so that everyone, all Americans can reach the fullest potential.”

“In the great tradition of the 21st century, we will let each candidate “mud-sling.” Mr. Lucas, you may go first.”

“America is a great nation, Mr. O’Leary is right about that. But I want to caution our people against the idea that what makes us great is only our willingness to go to war and our ability to turn the wheel of industry. Yes, we are wonderful inventors and entrepreneurs. Yes, when the need has arisen, we do well to protect the weak and defenseless. That much is true. But, America, you are not a blood thirst nation. You do not want a man that is driven by pure ambition to be running your nation. A man that is eager to see thousands slain in the name of security is a man that stand in the shadow of dictators and murders.”

“How dare you say that about me, Lucas! I stand for the American right to protect ourselves, to provide for ourselves in a world that doesn’t care about us. The world has long forgot the America of the past. We need to forge a new America out of the rubble. We need to rise up from the past and be a new, greater America. You want to take us back to the days of Reagan, when a cowboy sat in the Oval Office, protecting us with the image of righteousness. That was fine in its time, but that time is not now. We need a warrior. We need a blacksmith that will pound out the impurity of our nation. You are not that man. You are in the impurity. I will see you beaten.”