Day 143
Thank God or whoever is up there! I found water. And not just a puddle that wasn’t contaminated with nuclear waste from The War, but a stream of drinkable water. I hope that the Lords don’t discover it. That is the last thing I need. They already found my one food stash. I don’t’ think I could handle another big lose like that.

Day 145
I’ve had to move my camp further to the West. The Lords were making movements my way. I will not become a part of the Army of Volunteers. I have watched too many friends turned into enemies.
I don’t want to kill another friend that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Day 158
I never thought I’d be so happy to write in this stupid journal again. The Lords found me even though I had moved my camp. Was on the run for a long time. I wounded one of them, which is good, I guess. Should have shot higher though.
I remember when humanity was top dog, we thought we were invisible. Not now, not when there is a new Apex Predator roaming the Earth. Man, I wish for those days again.