I wonder how many people have started writing down the strange goings on in their lives, and expected them to become a lens into our history.

I pray that mine is never used as such. For I fear what I am recording, and to see these pages turned into a reminder of days gone by can only mean that the worst has indeed happened.
My name is Alfred Graham. I am a prison guard at XCorp’s High Security Containment Facility. Most people know it as The Great Hole, the place the worst of humanities’ criminals are sent. Present and future, powered and normies, all of them get stuck in here.

Yesterday, I was assigned a new post. I had been part of the Dining Hall Army, but The Chief wanted me elsewhere. He personally picked me and assigned me to my new post. Wow an honour, really. But not the post.

I am now the door guard for the most secure part of the The Great Hole, a place they call The Black. The isolation chambers, home to the worst of the worst.

I found out who they were; a 4 year old boy, and his 6 year old sister.