James Bond. The great 007.

The greatest cause of collateral damage and embarrassment to the Great Empire of Her Majesty, it you want to be honest.

Everyone glories and reveals in his double ‘0’ status, like having a license to kill was something special or spectacular. It isn’t. Truth be told, any MI-6 agent can kill someone that is threatening their lives. The double ‘0’ status simply means that he has license to kill all the big wigs, people of notoriety and status without personal consequence.

Even then, Bond fails to show concern for the impact of his licensed murders, all done at his will and whim. That is why he will never graduate that lowly rank. Anyone can be a double ‘0’. It isn’t as if MI-6 stopped at having nine agents with a license to kill. There are too many threats and international issues going on to leave everything to nine people. There are hundreds of double ‘0’s. MI-6 decided it sounded better to call them double ‘0’s than the “Numbered Agents” or some foolish thing like that.

No, the agents that make a difference in this world are the Triple ‘0’s.