The strangest things can happen when you give a homeless man a dollar. You might not think so, but you clearly having given a dollar to the guy that sits on the corner of Millar Drive and 9th Ave.

If it was any other street and avenue intersection, any other homeless man, or woman, you might get a toothless grin. Maybe a ‘God bless ya’ as you walked away. But not this guy. Not the guy from Millar Drive and 9th Ave.

I threw the dollar into his upside down hat, and kept going. I’d thrown enough dollars to peddlers that I did it all without breaking a stride. I almost didn’t hear his reply to my thoughtless generosity, but one word caught my ear.


As a economics major in college, that was a word that I knew well. I had trained myself to see it in newspapers, in textbooks, in business reports. Society is an important word.

I turned around. “Pardon me?” I said.

“Do you want to be a part of The Great Society?”

The question confused me, “But I am, a citizen of the greatest society ever.”

“No, boy” he replied, “The Great Society of Vampyres.”

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