As Alfred began to turn the door knob, this thought flashed in his mind. Is it safe to enter? He hesitated and let that thought linger. Is it safe to go into this room, if it is a room?
His fingers slid away from the door. Was it safe?

He looked down the hallway. His bedroom on the left and his office to the right, that was all the rooms that the upstairs had. Had, until this door appeared. He didn’t understand how it got there, where it came from, and where it lead.

Are you sure you’re awake? Could this be a dream, or a nightmare?
Alfred breathed deeply, and gave his arm a pinch. The pain reassured him he was awake. But that reassurance didn’t help the real issue. There was a mystery door in his house.

What if there is something on the other side? Can I defend myself?

A step back seemed to be Alfred’s answer to his own question. As a paper pusher, he wasn’t overly athletic or physically fit. No match for whatever could be waiting for him.

He looked down as he reached into his pocket for his phone.

The door knob rattled.

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