Woman's Arm

A new ear of humanity had dawned.

The Triton ExoCorp had developed prosthetic limbs that would increase the user’s overall strength, agility, and mobility. A woman without legs could now do the 100 yard dash in 6.5 seconds. A man without arms could now benchpress 450 lbs, and deadlift twice that weight.

This was tremendous news for those that were limited by lost limbs or physical deformities, but that was only the start. The Triton ExoCorp was offering to replace anyone’s limbs, disability or not. There was an instant eruption in the corporate world. Athletes were getting them done to improve their game. Countries were trying to get the contract so that their armies were the best.

But I sat back and wondered for a bit.

People were getting their limbs replaced, what were they doing with the old ones?

When I looked into ExoCorp, I found that they were a zero waste corporation, meaning that they didn’t produce any garbage. Nothing was thrown out, no wasted paper, no wasted biological parts. I sent numerous e-quests to the HR Department for interviews to get more information. No such luck.

So I started this Group-Go to uncover the truth.

Photo from pexel.com