Woman With Phone

I, Nathaniel Isaiah Brooks, being the only person on the planet left alive, leave this note as my will and testament to how stupid we all were.

The once populated planet of Earth, with over 6 billion person crawling along the surface, miraculously plummeted to one. I am that one. I am the lone survivor of this forsaken planet.

While I know that my death will be no surprise to those alien races that discover this dead ridden rock, I want to share with them the sudden downfall of our species. Heaven forbid that they succumb to the same twisted pleasure that we fell prey to.

Our global choice of poison, I wish it was something worth being afraid of. Wouldn’t it be nice if what destroyed the human race wasn’t a joke? Why did we have to go so quietly into that dark night, and leave me the only one standing in the morning?

It was a game on people’s phones, that is what did the human race in. I don’t even understand how it worked. Not everyone had a phone or access to such technology. But this game murdered 6 billion people. Candy Crush destroyed the human race.

Photo by pexel.com