It was a simple job. Almost too simple for the money that I was being offered. I was to walk from my front door to my work place, sit at a desk for 8 hours, then walk back home. After that, I was free to go. Until the next day, when I would walk from my front door to my work place and repeat the processes.

For that seemingly mindless task, I got paid 1.1 million dollars a year. That is a crazy pay cheque for a reality TV show extra.

It was called the Quincy Thomas Show, a 24 hour broadcast about a man that was born and lived his entire life within a controlled universe. Only, he didn’t know it. Everyone that was in the show was a highly paid actor, from the extras like me, down to the best friends, girl friend and parents of Quincy.

Everything and everyone was orchestrated to give the impression that Quincy’s life was a normal one. That included the extras, like me. I just sat in an office and gave the appearance of working on something. Really, I just sat there doodling.

Until one day, Quincy walked up to my desk.


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