To: My Sweetheart

Subject: How you swept into my life, consumed my mind, and stole my heart

Dearest Ophelia,

How long has it been since I had seen your sweet face…

I just looked up from my computer and saw you sitting two seats away from me.

You are so beautiful, when you use that one filter on your Instagram pictures.

It takes my digital breath away. If I could like your pictures more than once, I would be double tapping that heart so fast.


Oh, that you would feel the same way about me.

You don’t know how you have overwhelmed me. You are all I ever see, because I only follow you on Instagram and Twitter. You are all I think about, because school is boring and you are so pretty. You are all I smell as I walk into class, because you spray so much of whatever that smell is on yourself. You’ve intoxicated me.

I long for the day when you will reply my emails. Until then, know that I wait for the day when we will finally talk.

Your stalker and future boyfriend,

Travis (the guy that is staring)


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