Asleep At The Wheel

“If we remembered our dreams, we would never want to go back to sleep again.”

I couldn’t believe the drivel that this “dream psychologist” was trying to feed us. We were in our last year of university, most of us majoring in psychology. We knew that dreams were random memories, events of the day, and numerous other unquantifiable elements, all mashing together while we slept. The idea that there was something dark and sinister in our dreams was pushing the limits of boogey stories and horror flicks.

“For dreams are not the random collection of memories or events to the day, mashed together while we sleep.”

What a second…I just thought that. Almost exactly.

“The realm of dreams is not a subconscience one. What happens when you close your eyes has only been described in the pages of science fiction.”

Like a dream dimension? We move in space and time to face the nightmares of our nightmares?

“Think of it as a dream dimension. That as you close your eyes, you move in time and space to where your nightmares give birth to nightmares.”

How was she doing that, saying what I just thought?

“Because this is a dream.”