In 1777, George Washington accept the role and title of “King of America” from the Continental Congress.

But in 2015, there was a succession crisis. The latest American King passed away without an heir, no one to pass the name of Washington onto, no one to take up the crown and rule over the Great Kingdom of America.

The Continental Congress, all of its Representatives from the 65 States, gathered into the House to decide what would happen next. With the door locked, they would stay in that one room until they reached a unanimous decision. If they did not reach a decision within 2 days, they would be given another 2 to decide, but the economy would fall apart, and mass hysteria would grip the Great Kingdom.

The Supreme Judge brought the Representatives to order.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered for a historic event. The Last Washington is dead, may God have mercy on his soul, but we must not mourn him now. We will in the coming days, but today we must gather our strength to see who will walk in his shoes, and in the footsteps of all the Great Kings before him.”

“But that’s impossible!”