Dragons exist. Let me say that up front. I would know, I am one.

For the last 30 thousand years, I have left humanity to do their own thing. I have stayed in my cave of untold riches, sleeping and counting the vast halls of gold that I have collected.

From time to time, treasure hunters or thrill seekers will find my lair. Their gleeful cheering would rouse me from my slumber, and the crackling sound of their burnt flesh would put me back to sleep.

I do not understand why humanity desired to take what was mine. I had earned it. I had lawful possession over it. Who did they think they were to obtain it?

It must have been early 20th century, I was woken by the sound of a small man walking. A wooden leg announced his approach. I rolled over in my golden bed to give him a quick scorching, when something caught my eye. In his hand was a gold coin, one exactly like those that filled my lair.

The man stopped and looked up at me, “You want this gold coin? I know where to get more. So, I have a proposition for you.”

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