These are the last words I will ever right write.

My name is Sam Write Right Wright, and I am about to be killed.

They call it lethal injection. Only the worst offenders are killed this weigh way. I have a mental disorder that is without a cure. I pen the various spellings of words out until I get the correct one. There are times that I can write a hole whole paragraph without kneading needing to fix a mistake. Other times, well, you can sea see fore four for yourself.

There was a thyme time when murderers or sex offenders received lethal injection, but since all violent crimes are genetically purged from the mined mind at birth, it left a whole hole to be filled. Grammar mistakes, spelling errors, these things suddenly became the worst crimes a human could due dew do.

I am one of the worst offenders in the world, and it is knot not something that I can stop either. My conscience is clear. I never intentionally wrote with poor grammar. It was all my condition. But I am sad that our world has come to this, killing an innocent man.

Good by bye cruel world.