Every four years, we get an extra day in February. They call it a Leap Year.

People all over the globe celebrate the extra day in some strange ways. Women ask men to marry them, rather than the traditional men asking women. There are special dances and parties, all based around the idea of an extra, or having more of something.

With all the festivities, no one stops to think or ask questions. No one thinks that this extra day a year is out of the ordinary. It’s been around as long as anyone can remember, why wouldn’t it be normal?

But that’s just it. February 29th is not a normal day.

During all the celebrations, I was out working. Something about the day didn’t seem right. So I went looking. And what I found was powerful enough to change our world. We have stolen this extra day it from somewhere else. Somewhen else, to be more accurate.

Our world has been leeching an extra day from the past to prolong its life. It time travels a day from the past into the future and writes over it. The problem is, the past is running out of days.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Leap Year

  1. This is a genuinely intriguing post. The limit is 200 words, but this is an introduction to something more rather than a complete short story.

    I think it’s worth keeping the idea you had for this piece and thinking about extending it, at least a little, even if only by 100 words. It would good be to see how the leap year is affecting somewhere else.


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