One word, that’s all he was ever going to say.

He was the mystical monk of the Shin May Woo mountains. There, in the heart of the largest mountain, he had been born, raised, and lived to the age of 94. All those years had gone by, and he had not said a word. All those years had gone by, and he had not left the mountain.

He knew nothing of the outside world. He did not know that government had been toppled and dictatorships had risen in their place. He did not understand how the universal currency worked. He had no knowledge of The Last Great War and the Rising Day of Peace.

But that did not stop him from coming out to break his silence, to speak one and only one word, on his 95th birthday.

It was a global celebration. The world erupted with chants and cheers when they saw him walking towards the microphone. Cameras flashing and recorded what was to be another earth altering event. Every man, woman, and child was watching.

The monk stepped up to the microphone. The world hushed.

He cleared his throat. He looked into the camera, and he spoke.


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