Dream Catcher

They thought I was insane. They thought I was crazy enough to be given my own padded room, but it wasn’t true.
I wasn’t sick in the head. I was just different.

“HEY! You, guard. Let me out of here!”

“Shut up Miller. I have had enough of your crap today.”

“I haven’t done anything, except demand my release because..”

“Because you’re innocent? You aren’t crazy? Because you are part of some ancient tribe of warriors that lived here thousands of years before the first settlers made it to this godforsaken rock? I don’t think so.”

“But it’s all true. I am innocent. I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Anything crazy.”

“Well, apparently you did. Something crazy enough to get you locked up here, but unfortunately not dumb enough to be thrown into isolation, so I wouldn’t have to hear your incessant babbling.”

I stepped back from the door. He was right. It could be worse, but not by much. My spirit groaned. How was I going to get out of here?

I wasn’t crazy. I was just doing a rain dance, the dance of my Native tribe. It wasn’t my fault these invaders didn’t understand or care about my culture.


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