Soviet Flag

The year was 2152. Russia did not exist on the planet Earth any longer, but they still declared war on it.

Czar Vladimir Rominazski had thrown the entire country’s budget into colonizing Mars. While the Russian people went from poor to poorer, the cosmonauts progressed further and further into the stars.

In 2150, they planted their flag in the red soil, and violated the Space Edict of 2024.
Mars became the Red Planet even more than it already was. Rominazski, with all the best and brightest of the Russian populous, jettisoned to Mars, leaving behind the rest.

But he did not leave them without a going away present. 72 hours after the last cosmonaut shuttle left Earth, Russia started to explode. Billions of nuclear warheads blew up from underground throughout Russia. Within 16 hours, the ocean covered what was once Russia.

That final shuttle had not yet landed on Mars when Rominazski took to the SpaceWeb and declared war on the Western World. No one thought to take the threat seriously until NASA spotted something moving towards Earth. Something that Earth didn’t have any defense against. They were space nukes.

The first space war had begun. The year was 2152.

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