As he sank deeper into the water, the chain and cinder block began to dissolve.
Surprised at his good fortune, he used what strength was left to swim towards the surface. With any luck, the men that threw him in to the lake would be long gone.

The air was crisp when his lungs finally could take in a breath. It felt like it had been forever since he was above the waves, and nothing was sweeter than to be above them now.

He made his way back to shore. Every muscle in his body was stretched and in pain. Never had he fought for his life so hard as when he went down to meet the fishes. In his younger days, a swim from the middle of the lake would have been nothing, but now, it was enough to leave unable to move for weeks.

His body collapsed on the beach. How did the chain dissolve? It was like watching acid eat it up. But it had been acid, he thought, it would have eaten me as well. He brushed the water away from his brow.

I remember there being distinct wrinkles in my forehead. What happened to them?