This planet was created to make the most perfect coffee bean in the universe. Now that may sound like a waste of a planet to you, but then you may be one of those people that has become a custom to drinking truly terrible coffee.

Choca-9 was terraformed in 2241 to produce the best coffee beans, because humanity was sick of gross coffee. The soil was regularly injected with pure nitrogen. The land was cleansed of all form of insect and weed. Because of it was terraformed, which included revamping the atmosphere, the rain that fell was cleaner than the water that was used to feed the Galactic Queen’s pet pterodactyl.

There were special breeds of chimpanzees created and trained to harvest the beans. They were then shipped to Choca-7 to be processed by another specialized breed of hairless monkeys, because no one likes hair in their coffee.

For over 100 years, the process of creating the perfect cup of coffee went on. The process was fine tuned. The workers breed to working perfection. Around the Galaxy, citizens enjoyed this divine coffee. In this black gem of a beverage, the universe found unity.

Until the TimStar Rebellion began.


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