Daylight savings time, it came twice a year.

Who knew that what once was a day to turn back clocks would turn into a race for energy.

The oil had long dried up. Coal was outlawed as a major pollutant. The wealthy still had it mined, but turned it into diamonds as a new kind of power.

For the poorest of poor, like my family and the 50 billion of people on Earth, we had to rely on wind and sun for our power. This made daylight savings time a critical 24 hour period.

When March 13th finally rolled around, no one went to work. No one went to school. If anyone had breath in their body, they were to be found in the White Land, a special section of the country where the sun shone longest on that day.

My family showed up on the 12th, hoping to find a good collection spot on the White Land. We should have left on the 1st. The White Land was covered with solar panels, some store bought, but most home made. The rickety plates of glass were a unwelcome reminder of how bad things had gotten, and were likely to remain.

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