Rabbit Costume

The tiny bunny squinted under the beaming light.

Who was the genius that left the blinds open? I’m trying to hibernate here.

He shifted and tried to return to his winter slumber. A few deep, uninterrupted breathes and he was…noticing that something warm was on his back. Only in one spot, and it was getting warmer the longer that he laid there.

His maple leaf blanket got pulled up. Stupid sunlight. Going to burn a hole in my back…


He jumped out of bed. Sunlight. How could he have been so stupid? It was sunlight. The only way that sun light was going to be shining down here was if it was…

Could it be? Already? It had been a slow winter. The days seemed to drag on and on.

Even though he was hibernating, he could always sense the passing of time. Momma had said it was a gift, a special sense that only a few bunnies had.

He raced to the window, and gave it a long sniff. It still smelt like winter. That crisp, bitter air most certainly belonged to winter. But that sunlight…it was brighter. So full of new life

Spring was coming.


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